Sappy post alert!

My husband, Luke, and his best fried Wyatt grew up together, they've known each other since BIRTH. Wyatt was the best man at our wedding and I joke that he would be my kinsman redeemer (if you don't know what that is, read the book of Ruth in the Bible) if anything every happened to Luke. He's a give-you-the-shirt-off-his-back kind of guy and will be there at the drop of a hat (or flat tire).

When he started bringing Morgan around, we knew she was cut from the same cloth. Real, personal, always there for you. They showed up at our house with pizza after we had a miscarriage without any expectations to stay but to let us know they were available if we needed them. The truest of friends.

They got engaged in HAWAII of all places, so when it was time for their engagement session, it was a celebratory event. Wyatt brought is classic 70's model Blazer, and Luke along with their other best friend brought beers, DJ-ed the music for the session, and were great moral support. They even helped me demonstrate a few poses (scroll to the bottom to see those).

All that to say, I LOVE these two people. And you will too!

We ended the session in the pasture with the horses and it was so dreamy.

and last, but not least, the "behind-the-scenes" bloopers of the sweetest, goofiest, friends who brought so much support and helped these two be entirely themselves for the whole session.