Throwing it wayyy back

Bailey and I went to high school together, which feels like AGES ago. We also spent every Friday evening, and multiple other evenings a night, running around our beloved Hannah's BBQ answering phones, taking orders, seating customers, and running the drive-thru together. At Hannah's, your co-workers truly are like family. I will always treasure our years working as hostesses and waitresses together at Hannah's. During that time our boyfriends often made their appearances at the restaurant to say hello, so I got to know Austin too! This was high school, so these two have been together since like, I don't know, Rebecca Black and her song "Friday" came out. If you've never heard it. . . I have aged myself . . . and do yourself a favor, and DON'T look it up.

Anyyyywhooo, all that to say, Bailey and I go wayyy back. So when she reached out wanting to do a boho-inspired couple's shoot I was all on board. I had a feeling something special was in store for this shoot. As we began Austin mentioned to me at a spare chance that he was going to propose. The two of them are so natural together that the evening unfolded so naturally and he proposed when he felt ready. It was magical.

I will let the photos speak for themselves. I could photograph these two everyday and never tire of it. Their love and chemistry is so evident and they are SO much fun. Also, take a look at their KILLER ink!